1 Day Driving Course


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Highly recommended for anyone that wants to get a driver license, ASAP.
Our “1 DAY” 8 Hour Driving Course is the most advanced “learn how to drive” crash course available.

  • Learn virtually everything about how to drive + pass your DMV behind the wheel examination.
  • Conveniently schedule this course on your day off of work or school.
  • Taught 1 on 1 by a top rated driving teacher.
  • You will learn virtually every driving maneuver, including:
    Steering Control. Turning, and Parking
    Changing Lanes, Traffic Lights, U Turns, Reversing, Parking Lots
    3 Point Turn, Freeway and Parallel Parking + MUCH MORE!
  • Includes 1 hour Freeway Training.
  • Includes 1 Hour DMV test simulation.
  • Lunch, organic snacks, water included.
  • Must be at least 18 yr old.
  • Lessons given from our office locations in Anaheim, Claremont and Pasadena.
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